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Over the years John MacMahon & Co has been a leading service provider in the area of business development, including the preparation of business plans and managing grant/funding applications.

We have extensive experience in dealing with grant applications for both start up and established businesses and dealing with grant authorities on both sides of the border.

We have an excellent track record in obtaining grants and have assisted a wide range of businesses to access funding for various business development projects involving growth through capital expenditure, job creation and Research & Development etc.

Business owners are very often unaware of the existence of many grant programmes or that their business could be eligible. For those that are aware, the day-to-day duties of running a business means that there is little time to devote to complex application forms and as a result the opportunity to access grant funding is missed.

Once we have identified our clients’ business needs and the most suitable method of funding, we then take over the time-consuming application process using our expert knowledge to maximise grant funding success.  


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